LIFTEUROP obtains ISO 27001 certification

We are proud to announce that LIFTEUROP has been ISO 27001 certified by the certification organism Euro-Quality Systems. The internationally recognized ISO 27001 certification proves a good information security management. It provides companies of all sizes with clear guidelines for planning, implementing, monitoring and improving information security. It is therefore the most important certification in the field of cybersecurity.

Sustainable development

The treatment of risks related to IT systems has always been a priority subject within the society, but only a few companies have so far obtained the ISO 27001 certification. “We are therefore even more proud to have fulfilled the criteria for obtaining it”, says Fabienne ANNET, HR & Quality Manager and head of the ALIPA Group’s integrated management system. An information security management system that is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard is constantly being optimized and adapted to new circumstances. This way, weaknesses can be identified before they become a security flaw.

LIFTEUROP obtains ISO 27001 certification

Such an information security management system certainly protects the company against undesirable interruptions, the consequences of possible computer attacks, data loss or abuse. With the ISO 27001 certification, LIFTEUROP therefore wishes to support, among other things, its sustainable development.

Implementation of external requirements

Today, it is also important to meet external requirements in terms of European regulations, particularly in the context of the new General Data Protection Regulation”, explains Fabienne ANNET. The ISO 27001 standard ensures that data is both used optimally and stored securely. The information security policy thus contributes to protection against operational risks – a priority requirement that auditors and European regulations impose on companies.

A solid basis of trust

For LIFTEUROP, another objective of the certification is obviously to establish a solid base of trust with its customers. The fact that a company treats information conscientiously is an essential criterion for many customers and partners in their decision whether or not to share their data. “We can now present ourselves as a reliable service provider that has obtained the certification in this respect. This will certainly help us to retain our existing customers, but also to attract new ones“, concludes Mrs. ANNET.

LIFTEUROP signs a partnership contract with ELD

LIFTEUROP has recently signed a partnership contract with ELD (a division of Feat Group SPA), designer and manufacturer of components for industrial lifting.

LIFTEUROP signs a partnership contract with ELD

Now exclusive distributor for France and Luxembourg, LIFTEUROP has a wide range of standard products for chains, in particular for the GR80 and GR100 references. Grade 100 chain slings offer 25% more lifting capacity than Grade 80 slings, making them lighter and easier to handle.

ELD products are, just like the other products offered by LIFTEUROP, fully compliant with industry standards. They have their own traceability code and are subjected to manufacturing, fatigue (20,000 cycles) and tensile strength tests. Most parts are supplied in the standard ELD colour, matt red, but other colours can also be produced on request

For more information about the ELD products, take a look at our new general catalog. This catalog also presents the ranges of slings and lifting accessories, including STAS products.

This is only one of the many advantages of working with LIFTEUROP. Always attentive to the market and the latest trends, the company is constantly working on enhancements and the extension of its range of lifting accessories to respond as best as possible to customer requests.

A new catalogue for LIFTEUROP

LIFTEUROP has just launched its new general catalogue featuring the ranges of slings, lifting beams and lifting accessories along with the STAS products.

The safety of property and people is of paramount importance to LIFTEUROP. The design, manufacture and distribution of lifting systems and accessories should be of the very highest level and require an equally high level of technical expertise. As such, LIFTEUROP offers a full range of standard lifting systems and accessories. Through its Research Department, the company also offers solutions tailored specifically to end-user requirements.

LIFTEUROP: catalogue produits général

You would like to discover LIFTEUROP’s lifting solutions? Explore our catalogue online. If you don’t find the lifting product you need in our standard catalogue, we offer a bespoke development service to respond to your specific requirements.

Contact us for further information.

VIDEO: LIFTEUROP designs a drum turner!

LIFTEUROP wants to give its customers the best advice in order to guarantee the utmost safety for users, in scrupulous respect of the standards in force. To meet the very specific demands of its customers, LIFTEUROP has its own internal research department to satisfy the specifications of its customers.

The design department addresses specific technical requests of our customers. It also develops new products and ensures they meet the standards and regulations in force. Whether we are dealing with lifting beams or specific slinging devices, handling projects go through the design department, such as this drum turner.

A customised cross-shaped, stainless steel lifting beam

For a company that is active in the aviation sector, the design department has designed this specific stainless steel lifting beam. Stainless steel prevents paint chip damage during handling.

This lifting beam is equipped with FLEXFORT cable lifting slings to prevent damage to the item being lifted. This sling contains a cable. This wire rope sling is made up of galvanized wire rope with vulcanized neoprene rubber coating and of pressed and deburred aluminium sleeves.

A first for LIFTEUROP: we’ve mounted a mirror on this lifting beam! It’s extremely helpful when placing an item into a box. The operator can check to see if the product is centred and fits correctly in its packaging.

LIFTEUROP, customised lifting beam

Made-to-measure, on-time delivery and satisfied customers

Through its CSR approach, LIFTEUROP cares for the environment just as it cares about the quality of its products, the well-being of its staff, the safety of its workers and the users of its lifting systems and accessories. There is one critical variable that must not be left out of this great equation: the customer!

Like the rest of the ALIPA Group, respect is LIFTEUROP’s core value. This means respect for colleagues, the leadership, the environment, standards, and infrastructure, but above all for the customer: “We want to give customers on-time delivery of a quality product that respects their wishes. We know that it’s customers who are paying our salary and they can fire us whenever they want!” declares Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of the ALIPA Group.

LIFTEUROP, customised lifting beam

Customised lifting systems

LIFTEUROP has its own design department to meet specific demands and fulfil its customers’ specifications. This design department also develops new products, making sure they meet standards and regulations in force. Whether for lifting beams or specific slinging devices, handling projects go through the design department. A made-to-measure service for customers.

Short delivery times

LIFTEUROP’s short delivery times are another way in which they set themselves apart from the competition. Respect for the customer means respecting agreed-upon deadlines. “We always try to respect deadlines. It’s truly one of our priorities.”, confides technical sales adviser Ferry PLATTES.

When company takes care of its customers, they show their appreciation in return. “Our sales are constantly on the rise!” Michèle Detaille tells us.

Steel, a 100% recyclable material

As a responsible company, sustainable development in general and recycling in particular are key concerns for LIFTEUROP. Not only has the company implemented an internal waste prevention, management and reduction programme, it also uses a material that is 100% recyclable – steel.


Steel, a sustainable product

The lifting systems and accessories produced by LIFTEUROP are largely made of steel. A material makes it particularly easy to recycle accessories when customers are no longer able or willing to use them.

Steel is 100% recyclable. “All steel is recovered and sorted to be reused in the production of other steel. All steel purchased by a manufacturer is made partly of recycled steel. This ratio varies based on the grade of steel. At LIFTEUROP we work with “high-grade” steel. The higher the steel grade, the higher the quality control imposed on certain components, and the lower the amount of recycled material.” explains buyer Julien Dethier.

A durable material, but beware

Products made of steel have an average life of 20 years, depending on their use. However, LIFTEUROP has reservations concerning this figure: “Yes, steel is durable, but it all depends on the field of application. In the lifting field, which revolves around safety, lifting accessories are subjected to constraints which distort the steel. We must be wary…”, explains technical sales adviser Ferry PLATTES.

With time, chain slings, hooks, cable slings, and other lifting accessories made of steel tend to warp. This is why it is important to conduct routine checks. “Moreover, these checks are stipulated by law! The frequency of these checks may vary depending on the country. In France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a check must be carried out at least once a year. Therefore, we need to be cautious about the lifespan of steel and make safety our priority.”, says Ferry PLATTES.

LIFTEUROP has developed an application that facilitates these periodic checks: ALITRACER. It gives the user an overview of the status of his or her fleet of lifting equipment.

In a company, it is everybody’s responsibility to protect the environment

LIFTEUROP has been implementing an internal environmental policy for several years. The company has implemented a series of measures to encourage its employees to adopt an eco-responsible approach.


In a company, it is everybody’s responsibility to protect the environment

“In corporate terms, Sustainable Development means being profitable in order to exist in the future. Good corporate management very often leads to positive environmental behaviour: in our case, the recovery of steel reduces the use of raw materials. Organising the workplace differently in a way that takes new ways of working into account (such as part-time, home-working, etc.) also allows us to create buildings that are the optimal size”, says Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of the ALIPA Group.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Like the ALIPA Group, LIFTEUROP is considering transport solutions that are less harmful to the environment. For example, that is why the staff is encouraged to carpool on their daily commute to work.

Other measures have been introduced to reduce staff travel. “Because of the long distances travelled by staff who come from the German-speaking region of Belgium, we have rented offices in Weiswampach that we make available to these employees one day a week. Where legally permitted, we allow home-working, and we strongly encourage the use of modern means of communication to reduce travel”, explains Michèle Detaille.

In fact, sales representatives regularly hold video-conference meetings and when they do travel their journeys and meetings are optimised so that they meet a maximum number of clients while keeping the distances travelled to a minimum.

LIFTEUROP, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Electronic invoicing

LIFTEUROP has also adopted electronic invoicing. A way of limiting the costs related to consumables and paper as well as reducing shipping costs, invoice processing time and also the ecological footprint.

Respect for the environment: a prerequisite for our suppliers

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, LIFTEUROP places respect for the environment at the heart of its concerns! The company pays special attention to sustainable development.

It all starts with the choice of materials used in the design of the accessories and lifting systems. “Our products are made primarily of steel, a sustainable product!” says buyer Julien Dethier.

Steel, a sustainable product

But if LIFTEUROP itself is attentive to the protection of the environment, the company expects just as much from its suppliers. Since steel is the main material used by the company, it is important that it choose its suppliers carefully! “Our suppliers must have social practices that are consistent with our own. This is very important to us. The ALIPA Group buys responsibly and expects its suppliers to share the same values of respect for the environment and sustainability. All our suppliers must, for example, sign specifications in which they commit to compliance with the European REACH regulations,” explains Julien Dethier. REACH (for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical products) is a European regulation adopted to better protect human health and the environment against the risks associated with chemical substances. Respect for the environment is a value that LIFTEUROP holds dear. It is with this in mind that the company has, amongst other things, adopted a new responsible purchasing policy.

Effective safety management rewarded

Health and safety are an integral part of LIFTEUROP’s CSR approach. For many years, the company has had in place a series of measures for effectively managing workplace health and safety. A policy that improves not only employee working conditions, but also productivity and, above all, product quality!

“We want our staff to work safely. We are implementing measures such as appointing, as required by law, a safety officer. His or her mandate is to provide workplace health and safety information, conduct risk assessments and introduce the measures needed to eradicate potential sources of danger. On a regular basis, we hold various health-oriented training and information sessions (noise, backache, etc.) for our employees),” explained Michèle Detaille, ALIPA Group’s Managing Director.

Two tangible improvements

The first step needed in order to guarantee operator safety in the workshops is to maintain order and cleanliness. “It is very important to us that our workshops are neat. Many of our clients take notice of this while visiting the company. We have also put floor markings in place in order to improve traffic flow, define storage areas, etc. This way, everything has its place and we avoid accidents,” explained Raphaël Bozet, Workshop Foreman.

Anti-wear mats have been placed at all workstations in order to improve working conditions for operators when they have to work for several hours in the same spot. Some machines have also been improved. “For instance our sandblaster! We just installed anti-noise chambers to improve auditory comfort for operators. Just like our TAGMAKER (editor’s note: machine used to make ALITAG nameplates), whose walls we panelled to reduce noise nuisance,” added Raphaël Bozet.

A policy that has been rewarded

LIFTEUROP and safety management
LOGO Sécher & Gesond mat System - LIFTEUROP

LIFTEUROP has been “Sécher & Gesond mat System” certified since 2014, as a result of these provisions. This label has just been renewed in 2019. Issued by the Accident Insurance Association (AAA), this label undergoes partial reassessment every year and total reassessment every three years.

All ALIPA Group companies based in Wiltz are now “Sécher & Gesond mat System” certified: CODIPRO, NO-NAIL BOXES and AllPack Services.