STAS-LIFTEUROP – an unique partner for your lifting accessories

STAS-LIFTEUROP designs, produces and sells very high quality lifting equipment, which ensures the safety of people and goods.

Created in 1953 in Sartrouville, Ile-de-France, STAS extends today its European and worldwide activities under the name LIFTEUROP, at the heart of the group leader ALIPA.

With more than 60 years of experience, our lifting accessories connect quality and aesthetic value.

The full spectrum includes cable lifting slings, chain lifting slings, textile lifting slings, lifting accessories like lifting rings, shackles, hooks and lifting systems: beams, lifting claws… (See our full catalogue)


STAS-LIFTEUROP has a lot of clients amongst the aeronautical and automobile industries, the steel and heavy industries, administration, the army and many other sectors of the economy.

The group exports its lifting equipment to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Its business account is permanently growing.

European origins

The manufacturing plant is situated in Wiltz at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

STAS-LIFTEUROP manufactures its lifting accessories in workshops equipped with the adequate machinery and the controlling equipment necessary, amongst which are the 85-tons drawing mills.

In order to guarantee the best quality of its lifting systems, STAS-LIFTEUROP does its own assembling of parts and applies the tried and tested rules of manufacturing.

STAS-LIFTEUROP has received the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company is also a holder of the label RSE (Social Responsibility for Companies), a token of engagement into the management of sustainable development.

Study development office and made-to-measure

STAS-LIFTEUROP has an internal study development office able to respond to very specific demands to satisfy the business accounts of its clients.

Delivery details

Thanks to its positioning at the heart of Europe and the flexibility of its workshops, STAS-LIFTEUROP can deliver specific lifting equipment with very short notice.

STAS-LIFTEUROP belongs to the European ALIPA Group, expert for lifting and packaging solutions.

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