LIFTEUROP designs a specific lifting beam

For a company that is active in the aviation sector, the design department has designed this specific stainless steel lifting beam. The customer has to lift aviation parts.

LIFTEUROP conçoit un palonnier spécifique en inox

The parts are moved using textile slings as a “noose”. A horizontal sling is provided to maintain a consistent centre distance. The slings are equipped with a protective covering as, during handling, they come into contact with threads present on the part.

A diagram of the part to be lifted is laser-engraved on this lifting beam to facilitate the work of the operators. The centre of gravity of the part is not in the middle. By using the lifting beam as shown on the diagram, the weight is properly distributed and the part can be lifted with complete stability.

The lifting beam is in stainless steel to avoid paint fragments being lodged in the product as it is very expensive to clean these parts.