Everything you need to know about lifting accessory legislation

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, employers are legally obliged to take all measures necessary relating to health and safety at work in order to protect their employees. LIFTEUROP offers lifting solutions that comply with regulations and that ensure the safety of operators.

Lifting accessories produced by LIFTEUROP are compliant with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE. This Directive covers the design and manufacture of all lifting accessories. LIFTEUROP goes a step further in complying with the Directive, as it meets international standards for which there are even more requirements.

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In concrete terms, this means that all lifting accessories are certified. They must carry the CE marking, be delivered with a declaration of compliance and an instruction manual, and the manufacturer must be clearly identified. The European regulation does not require a third party to affix the CE marking. It is a self-certification that is entirely the manufacturer’s responsibility. It is therefore very important to choose a quality lifting accessory supplier.

Compulsory checks for enhanced safety

The legislation requires that each user check their lifting accessories regularly.

The legislation also requires that each user check their lifting accessories regularly. The interval between checks may vary depending on the country. In France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a check must be carried out at least once a year. LIFTEUROP has developed a mobile application that facilitates these periodic checks: ALITRACER. The user is offered a global view of his or her fleet of lifting equipment and the safety of operators is enhanced.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the application is neutral, meaning it is available regardless of lifting accessory brand or supplier. It is also a valuable tool for any equipment that needs to be checked periodically: bridge cranes, extinguishers, ladders, etc. In addition, ALITRACER is used by accredited inspection bodies.

Working with LIFTEUROP guarantees sound product design, supervised checks and, therefore, safe handling for your operators.