Lifting Equipment : Technical Information


If there is a sector where you cannot afford to play around with safety issues, it is lifting equipment!
This is why STAS-LIFTEUROP decided to produce lifting equipment and accessories under the STAS brand, with a reputation for excellence since 1953.

STAS-LIFTEUROP pays particular attention to the quality of its lifting products throughout the manufacturing process. This is very important for attracting new customers, and in this case suppliers. Strict rules govern the choice of handpicked suppliers. Each stage of production of lifting accessories complies strictly with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the standards in force, including the harmonised European standards and the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Quality controls are systematically performed at each stage of production.

 Quality controls are systematically performed at each stage of production

LIFTEUROP: Technical Information

Depending on the product and in compliance with the standards in force, STAS-LIFTEUROP has opted for either individual or batch traceability. Individual marking and a conformity certificate accompany each lifting accessory that leaves the STAS-LIFTEUROP factory. Finally, STASLIFTEUROP provides assistance and advice to its customers during annual inspections of all their lifting accessories. These checks are performed either at the customer site or in the STAS-LIFTEUROP workshops. They can be validated by an external certification organisation. STAS-LIFTEUROP takes charge of any repairs required.