A design office for customised lifting accessory solutions

Our products need to meet the strictest safety standards, given the significant load weights and volumes our lifting accessories support.

The safety of property and people is of paramount importance to LIFTEUROP.

We know that many companies place this same importance on the safety and well-being of their employees. However, they don’t always find the lifting equipment they need in the range of standard products available. If this is the case for you, our design office in Wiltz (Luxembourg), is here to help!

Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to offering complete support in designing and producing the customised lifting accessory that meets your needs. They can even provide training for your team.

LIFTEUROP strives to deliver the best technical solution in terms of price, product quality and service.

If you have a specific requirement, contact our design office

Our design office, at the cutting edge of innovation

Our in-house design office doesn’t just produce a range of customised solutions including slings, lifting beams and lifting clamps. It is also responsible for driving innovation.

The team created our unique traceability application, ALITRACER. This innovative application allows all our customers to track their fleet of lifting equipment and accessories in real time.

Support for your project from start to finish

We always make sure to meet your specifications perfectly. This may involve our technical specialists, engineers and technicians visiting your site in order to develop the best solution to ensure your lifting operations are entirely safe.

To assess and manage your project challenges, contact our design office directly.

A few examples of completed installations

Design and production of extension forks for handling axles. The objective of this project was to be able to handle cylindrical loads with ease.

LIFTEUROP: Design and production of extension forks for handling axles

Creation of a stainless steel lifting beam for the aeronautical industry. This beam was used to lift aircraft parts.

LIFTEUROP: stainless steel lifting beam for the aeronautical industry

An adjustable H-shaped lifting beam designed for a railway company that has to lift and handle machines known as bogies.

LIFTEUROP: adjustable H-shaped lifting beam