The importance of good customer service and quality products

Consumerism is constantly changing with the times. These days, when customers contact a company, they have already visited its website and know what they want. So your level of quality, service and advice needs to really stand out. LIFTEUROP, the Luxembourg-based manufacturer of lifting equipment and accessories, attaches considerable importance, as a socially responsible company, to the quality of service and products that it offers its customers.

The importance of good customer service and quality products for LIFTEUROP

LIFTEUROP wants to give its customers the best advice in order to guarantee the utmost safety for users, in strict accordance with the standards in force. To meet the very specific demands of its customers, the company has its own internal research department to satisfy its customers’ specifications.

European origin

In addition to offering tailored service through its internal research department, LIFTEUROP, with its brand STAS, designs and manufactures lifting equipment and accessories of European origin that combine quality and aesthetics. Being based in Wiltz (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), LIFTEUROP was able to obtain the “Made In Luxembourg” label. This label promotes Luxembourg’s industrial expertise and guarantees the origin of products and services to its customers.

LIFTEUROP has also had ISO 9001 certification since 2004. A pledge of a system of continuous improvement and evidence of management’s motivation and commitment, this standard defines the requirements for the implementation of a quality- management system. LIFTEUROP strives to continually improve customer satisfaction and deliver consistent, compliant and high-quality products and services.

LIFTEUROP possède le label "Made in Luxembourg"

Thus, the company takes care of its customers, and they show their appreciation in return. “Our sales are constantly on the rise!” says Michèle Detaille, ALIPA Group’s Managing Director. Which just goes to show that implementing good customer service is now one of the elements fundamental to a company’s development and prosperity.

The TAGTOOL on video

LIFTEUROP is pleased to present to you a video of one of its latest products: the TAGTOOL.

This is the latest innovation produced at LIFTEUROP: the crimping tool, the TAGTOOL. In its range of lifting accessories, LIFTEUROP offers the ALITAG identification plate. It allows you to display the slings’ mechanical constraints and to identify the material. It consists of an aluminium plate and a galvanised or stainless steel crimped cable at one end.

TAGTOOL: Pour sertir facilement les plaques d’identification ALITAG

For crimping at the other end, the TAGTOOL is ideal. This crimping tool has several advantages:

  • It is easy to use,
  • It is easy to transport,
  • There is no risk of injury to the operator,
  • The aesthetic finish is better: no risk of damaging paint or worse, the RFID (radio frequency identification) chip
  • It is standard, regardless of the ALITAG model.

Discover the TAGTOOL on video!

TAGTOOL is therefore the ideal tool for safely crimping ALITAG force plates anywhere. Don’t wait any longer!

LIFTEUROP designs a specific lifting beam

For a company that is active in the aviation sector, the design department has designed this specific stainless steel lifting beam. The customer has to lift aviation parts.

LIFTEUROP conçoit un palonnier spécifique en inox

The parts are moved using textile slings as a “noose”. A horizontal sling is provided to maintain a consistent centre distance. The slings are equipped with a protective covering as, during handling, they come into contact with threads present on the part.

A diagram of the part to be lifted is laser-engraved on this lifting beam to facilitate the work of the operators. The centre of gravity of the part is not in the middle. By using the lifting beam as shown on the diagram, the weight is properly distributed and the part can be lifted with complete stability.

The lifting beam is in stainless steel to avoid paint fragments being lodged in the product as it is very expensive to clean these parts.

A new catalogue on the way

LIFTEUROP is pleased to announce that a new catalogue is on the way! Our company, our business and our expertise are changing. And so we want to give you a better overall picture of all the products and services offered by our company.

Not 1, not 2 but 3 catalogues!

After much thought about LIFTEUROP’s strategic position, we have decided to break down what we offer into 3 catalogues:

  • Catalogue for distributors: this catalogue will present LIFTEUROP’s flagship products which set us apart from the competition.
  • Catalogue for end-users: LIFTEUROP is also a quality service to respond to our customers’ special requests. A considerable portion will be dedicated to presenting the design office and its achievements. The catalogue will also give an overview of all the products offered by our company.
  • General digital catalogue: only available online, this catalogue will cover all the technical data for our entire range of lifting equipment and accessories.

Be patient and stay tuned for the new version of our catalogue, out very soon!

LIFTEUROP: A new purchasing policy that includes CSR!

Economic and social changes are causing many companies to integrate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into their practices. LIFTEUROP, the Luxembourg-based manufacturer of lifting equipment and accessories, has embraced this approach since 2011. But the company expects the same from its suppliers! At the start of 2019, LIFTEUROP is unveiling its new purchasing policy—a responsible purchasing policy.

LIFTEUROP designs and develops slings, lifting beams, clamps and other high-quality lifting accessories that ensure the protection of property and people. That is why it is important to choose the right suppliers. “First and foremost, we work with permanent suppliers! These are long-term collaborations. But our suppliers must have social practices that are consistent with our own. The ALIPA Group buys responsibly and expects that its suppliers share the same values of respect for the environment and sustainability,” states Julien Dethier, buyer.

A CSR approach involves integrating the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. In the eyes of society, the environment is very important. Julien Dethier confirms: “All of our suppliers must meet a specification, in which they must demonstrate that they comply with REACH, a European regulation adopted to better protect human and environmental health against risks associated with chemical substances.

LIFTEUROP : Une nouvelle politique d’achat qui inclut la RSE

As a consequence, LIFTEUROP can claim to be a socially responsible company. The CSR approach is going to be increasingly important in business relationships. Today, a company using a CSR approach has a better chance of securing a contract than an ordinary company.

A success for the first edition of the ALIPA Lifting Day

The ALIPA Group’s Lifting Division organised the first edition of the ALIPA Lifting Day. Intended exclusively for its customers, the purpose of this day of training is to introduce the regulatory requirements that apply to lifting and securing loads. The first edition was very successful in achieving the maximum number of participants!

The use of lifting devices and accessories is governed by specific regulations involving equipment choices, checks, conditions of use, and maintenance as well as staff training.

Une réussite pour la première édition du ALIPA Lifting Day

CODIPRO and LIFTEUROP are experts in the lifting industry. These companies wanted to share their knowledge: “When using lifting accessories, standards need to be met. Whether it is the operator, the safety advisor or the sales representative, it is important for each person in the company knows the rules in force relating to lifting. Raising awareness of how to properly use lifting accessories means getting involved in improving safety in the various industries!” says Christophe Losange, Lifting Department Manager.

Luxcontrol’s involvement and practical exercise

The day started with a presentation by Technical Manager Gaëtan Lambert on the regulatory requirements pertaining to lifting. Participants then (re)learned about the lifting solutions provided by CODIPRO and LIFTEUROP with Technical Representative Ferry Plattes. After touring the workshops and enjoying a well-deserved lunch, Luxcontrol explained the legal requirements in place when it comes to workplace safety in the industrial sector.

Une réussite pour la première édition du ALIPA Lifting Day

The afternoon concluded with a practical exercise! A truck and loads were provided to the participants so that they could practice securing the loads.

Satisfied participants

After this activity-filled day, participants received a diploma and a small gift. Philippe Schwindling, Safety Coordinator at Contern SA was pleased with how things went on this day: “It went really well. We were able to address various issues through several workshops. A day like this one, also provides an opportunity to discuss the best lifting and securing practices with the other companies in attendance.

STAS-LIFTEUROP improves its RSB system

The STAS-LIFTEUROP workshop is constantly changing and just acquired a new riveting hammer for the manufacture of its slings with steel chain links. This new machine is designed to speed up work and to improve the quality of these chain link straps.

STAS-LIFTEUROP améliore son système RSB

STAS-LIFTEUROP took this opportunity to review the design and performance of its RSB system, which consists of:

  • a pulley
  • a metal lifting strap
  • a clip
  • a hook

To tell them apart, the clip and hook are now orange, just like the pulley, which now features an axle that is less cumbersome and more visually appealing. The metal lifting strap with chain links is now assembled by a brand new riveting machine. The strength and design of the rivets have therefore been improved.

Rugged and resistant to sharp edges, the RSB system is ideal for handling steel coils. It eliminates the tilting phenomenon, does not damage the coiled steel and allows safe handling. Furthermore, it offers a safety factor of 6 as well as good resistance to temperature, greases and oils.

Thanks to the new riveting hammer, STAS-LIFTEUROP can offer much faster turnarounds: your RSB system can be delivered in 1 week, as opposed to the usual 6 weeks! It is worth noting that, for the time being, only RSB systems with a SWL (safe working load) of 3 tons and 6 tons have been remodelled.

LIFTEUROP: votre système RSB peut être livré en 1 semaine

New product: TAGTOOL

For easy crimping of ALITAG identification plates, STAS-LIFTEUROP presents its crimping tool: the TAGTOOL!

In its range of lifting accessories, STAS-LIFTEUROP features the ALITAG identification plate. It allows you to display the slings’ mechanical constraints and to identify the material. It consists of an aluminium plate and a galvanised or stainless steel crimped cable at one end.

TAGTOOL: Pour sertir facilement les plaques d’identification ALITAG

However, crimping the other end is rarely an easy task. Let alone the often rudimentary means used to get it done… and the risks associated with it. This is why STAS-LIFTEUROP now offers a crimping tool: the TAGTOOL!

This crimping tool has several advantages:

  • It is easy to use,
  • It is easy to transport,
  • There is no risk of injury to the operator,
  • The aesthetic finish is better: no risk of damaging paint or worse, RFID (radio frequency identification),
  • It is standard, regardless of the ALITAG model among the range of products.

TAGTOOL is therefore the ideal tool for safely crimping ALITAG force plates in any place. Don’t wait any longer! Order it today.

STAS-LIFTEUROP designs an adjustable H-shaped lifting beam

For a company that is active in the railway sector, STAS-LIFTEUROP’s design department designed this specific H-shaped lifting beam. The customer must lift and handle railroad trucks called bogies in order to be able to carry out maintenance on them.

The bogie is the trolley located under the railway vehicle. It is mobile in relation to the chassis of the vehicle and enables it to correctly orient itself on curves. A complete bogie, i.e. with wheels, axles and motor, can weigh up to 19 tons!

STAS-LIFTEUROP conçoit un palonnier en H réglable

Special feature of this lifting beam: it is adjustable. Although the bogie has just one axle, the customer can nonetheless adjust the lifting beam to find the right centre of gravity. The weight is spread out and the part can be completely balanced when lifted.

Furthermore, to facilitate the storage and handling of the lifting beam when not in use, STAS-LIFTEUROP built a custom-made trolley to avoid placing the lifting beam on the floor.

A design department committed to customer service

Recently restructured, the design department now works for the ALIPA Group’s entire Lifting Division. It includes three other individuals working under the leadership of Gaëtan Lambert: Michaël Magerotte, Roland Klenes and our new engineer, Thomas Beco.

Un bureau d’études au service du client

 The design department addresses specific technical requests of our customers. It also develops new products and ensures they meet the standards and regulations in force. Whether we are dealing with lifting beams or specific slinging devices, handling projects go through the design department.

Their tasks range far and wide: they review specifications, perform modelling (constraint analysis, digital simulation, etc.), conduct physical tests at the workshop and on a sub-contract basis (tensile test load, break load, etc.) and finalise approval.

Gaetan Lambert: Technical Manager LIFTEUROP

Gaetan Lambert, Technical Manager

« I train the design department team. I am in charge of managing customer projects and Innovation projects as part of product development. I also share my expertise with the technical standardisation committee and I represent the ALIPA Group and CISMA. »

Thomas Beco, Ingénieur bureau d’études - LIFTEUROP

Thomas Beco, Engineer – Lifting Department

« I respond to the technical and specific requests of customers. There is also extracurricular work involved in understanding all of the standards and mastering everything in order to provide the best solution for the customer. »

Roland Klenes: Technical Designer LIFTEUROP

Roland Klenes, Technical Designer

« I take part in the development and creation of specific lifting systems (design, pre-sizing and plan layout). I also conduct 3D animation when working on technical solutions. »

Michael Magerotte - Products Responsible LIFTEUROP

Michaël Magerotte, Products Responsible

« I offer technical solutions based on the customer’s request. I independently process files governed by a certification process. »