ALITRACER: a neutral system that facilitates inspections

Launched in 2016, the ALITRACER application is developing nicely! Over 20 Luxembourg, French and Italian companies use this traceability tool specifically designed for lifting. Below is what David Collignon, Electro-mechanical IT technician at steelmaker ArcelorMittal’s Differdange site, has to say about ALITRACER

Since its launch in July 2016, ALITRACER has been making great progress. The ArcelorMittal Differdange site now works with this traceability application to manage its lifting accessories. The tool makes routine inspections easier and quicker. “We were looking for a tool to facilitate the inspection and monitoring of our lifting accessories. We have almost 2,000 of them in the steel mill alone. We have definitely saved time in these regulatory inspections! All you have to do is encode the serial number directly in the smartphone or scan the QR code to have access to all the information. That way you avoid mistakes when copying the figures”, says David Collignon.

ALITRACER : un système neutre qui facilite les contrôles - LIFTEUROP

Digital serial numbers

In addition to the quick and easy access, ALITRACER gives you digital access to the general information about the accessories. “As of now, we have the serial number displayed on the lifting accessory, on the ALITAG and in the application. There is no longer any risk of “losing” the serial number. The same is true for the Certificates of Compliance, Use Recommendations, and so on. For production, we are going to test the stainless steel ALITAGs which will be even more resistant,” Mr Collignon confided.

A neutral system

ALITRACER is available regardless of the brand or supplier of the lifting equipment and accessories. The system can also be used for any equipment that must be routinely inspected: crane bridges, extinguishers, ladders, etc. “LIFTEUROP is a manufacturer of lifting accessories, but the company is also able to advise us on neutral software that makes our routine inspections easier!” concludes David Collignon. Originally developed for end users, it turns out that the software is also of interest to distributors and inspection bodies. ALITRACER, which has just been translated into Italian, still has its best years to come.

The RSB system video

Since this newsletter is about digitization, LIFTEUROP is pleased to introduce you to one of its products, the RSB lifting system… in video!

The RSB system (reference 441) eliminates the tilting phenomenon, does not damage the coiled steel and allows safe handling.

Robust and resistant to sharp edges, it offers a safety factor of 6:1 as well as good resistance to temperature, greases and oils.

Delivered with a CE certificate. Specific markings ensure separate traceability.

The RSB system (reference 441) is made of:

  • a pulley
  • a metal lifting strap
  • a clip
  • a hook

STAS-LIFTEUROP designs a lifting beam with load-bearing welds

STAS-LIFTEUROP has designed a lifting beam with weld-on hoist hooks for a company active in the nuclear industry. A customized and above all exceptional lifting solution that met the customer’s requirements!


STAS-LIFTEUROP: palonnier avec crochets et soudures portantes

All lifting beams designed by STAS-LIFTEUROP are usually mechanically welded structures. In other words, an assembly of parts welded together. This assembly is what carries the load!

The bespoke lifting beam is the exception, which proves the rule! In fact, in this case the welds bear the load. Our design office had no other choice given the constraints with which the customer was faced: a limited ceiling height.

To limit the height lost, i.e., the height between the customer’s lifting apparatus and the lifting beam’s hook, the hooks were welded onto the main section. Thus we were able to reduce the space lost to the hooks.

STAS-LIFTEUROP: palonnier avec crochets et soudures portantes

This lifting beam with weld-on hoist hooks had to be inspected by an authorized body: SOCOTEC Belgium. It has an SWL of 7.5 tonnes with a safety factor of 3:1.

Laser etching and 3D printing at STAS-LIFTEUROP!

STAS-LIFTEUROP: gravure laser

STAS-LIFTEUROP is constantly developing and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in the lifting sectors. Over the past few weeks, two new machines have been installed in our workshops. They will improve the quality of our products and our customer service!

Every lifting accessory that leaves the STAS-LIFTEUROP workshops has its own individual marking. These were previously engraved by micro-percussion. From now on, most of the markings will be engraved by laser!

We can now engrave all the parts and on any part of them! With micro-percussion, you had to make sure the part was held stable and would not move with the vibrations. In addition, the engravings on the smaller accessories were not very legible. From now on, it will be so much easier!” said Raphaël Bozet, Workshop Manager.

The quality and sharpness of the markings are considerably improved. This means that STAS-LIFTEUROP can accept more specific requests with smaller markings on accessories which are more difficult to engrave such as shackles, hooks etc. “The laser engraver also avoids paint fragmentation. The customer’s part remains intact, with a deeply imprinted marking”, adds Raphaël Bozet.

STAS-LIFTEUROP: impression 3D

STAS-LIFTEUROP is also equipped with a 3D printer which enables the Design Department to improve its ideas and specific design solutions, notably by printing prototypes in-house.

ALIPA news

The beginning of 2018 was synonymous with new products for the ALIPA Group. It was marked by the launch of the GRADUP range at CODIPRO along with the new websites for CODIPRO and NO-NAIL BOXES. Having made its international debut at the AWRF exhibition, CODIPRO’s GRADUP range is synonymous with a real revolution within the swivel lifting rings market. On this occasion, CODIPRO, unveiled its new graphic charter, a virtual reality app and a new website. Along with NO-NAIL BOXES, the company has also revised its website.

Du nouveau chez ALIPA

In both companies, the new versions of the websites are modern, practical, comprehensive and particularly easy for our customers to use. Currently, the website is an essential tool for marketing NO-NAIL BOXES’s industrial plywood boxes, and CODIPRO’s swivel lifting rings. Based on feedback from their customers, both companies have completely redesigned their website, starting with their structures.

You can now access all possible customizations for your NO-NAIL BOXES folding boxes with a single click through the “Customization” tab. There, you will find the handling accessories, printouts, dunnage, closing systems, safety seals, etc.

For its part, CODIPRO has set up an advanced search system. Thus the site recommends which ring to choose based on your criteria: thread type (metric or UNC), load weight, and lifting angle.

These new websites have adopted a resolutely more modern and lightweight look while remaining fully comprehensive! They are also available in several languages. Enjoy your visit!

A lifting research department to meet specific demands

Un bureau d’études de levage pour répondre aux demandes spécifiquesSTAS-LIFTEUROP wants to give its customers the best advice in order to guarantee the utmost safety for users, in scrupulous respect of the standards in force. To meet the very specific demands of its customers, STAS-LIFTEUROP has its own internal research department to satisfy the specifications of its customers.

In this case, our customer needs to manipulate axles. Based on the plans made by the Research Department, our shop designed these extension forks for forklifts.

Un bureau d’études de levage pour répondre aux demandes spécifiquesThe system attaches to the heels of the forks using a removable axle. The inputs are cleared to allow the direct take-over by the forks without manual intervention. Thanks to this system, our customer can easily and securely manipulate circular loads.

STAS-LIFTEUROP designs an adjustable stainless steel spreader for a white room

STAS-LIFTEUROP conçoit un palonnier réglable en inox pour une salle blanche

STAS-LIFTEUROP designed an adjustable stainless steel spreader for a customer in the electronics industry. They handle their products in a white room, in the presence of chemicals. Stainless steel is therefore essential for cleaning and to avoid paint chipping. STAS-LIFTEUROP also designed a holding tank, fixed on the spreader to recover any paint chips from the hook. Lastly, the customer wanted polyurethane protection on the sides to guarantee the safety of its operators.

STAS-LIFTEUROP conçoit un palonnier réglable en inox pour une salle blanche

Testimonial: STAS-LIFTEUROP at the service of Luxembourg railways

Following a call to tender, the Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL) chose to work with STAS-LIFTEUROP. The Trains and Equipment Department was in need of lifting equipment for its new maintenance shop. “In this shop, we perform the maintenance of the railway machines, called bogies. We have to be able to handle them, which is why we ordered slings, a spreader and two storage racks from STAS-LIFTEUROP”, explained Thierry Hilger, of the Trains and Equipment department at CFL.

STAS-LIFTEUROP au service des chemins de fer luxembourgeois

The bogie is the trolley located under the railway vehicle. It is mobile in relation to the chassis of the vehicle and enables it to correctly orient itself on curves. A complete bogie, i.e. with wheels, axles and motor, can weigh up to 19 tons!

Various slings were delivered according to the different loads to be lifted. There are also asymmetric loads when a bogie has an engine. To store these slings, two storage racks were also provided. This makes it easy to find them and maintain their lifespan. Because some bogies did not have a fastening point for hooks, the CFL ordered a spreader.

From the call to tender, STAS-LIFTEUROP was the most complete. They had the best advice for us. Moreover, they had the best price! Everything went very well. We are very satisfied with the equipment and when we have a question, their response is very fast!” says Thierry Hilger.

With this lifting equipment from STAS-LIFTEUROP, the Maintenance department can easily manipulate the bogies to perform their maintenance work safely. In addition to contributing to the safety of employees, STAS-LIFTEUROP contributes in its own way to the safety of the passengers who ride the trains of the Luxembourg National Railway Company.

We’re open and at your disposal the whole summer!

No holiday for STAS and LIFTEUROP!

In order to guarantee you a quality service, our offices and workshops remain open throughout the summer and operate at full steam.

Our offices and workshops will only close on August 14 and 15 during Assumption Day.

In case of any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact your sales team.

Custom design: an offset spreader bar

All of STAS-LIFTEUROP’s lifting devices are researched and developed by our design team, who provide bespoke lifting solutions that respond to our customers’ specific needs.

Custom design: an offset spreader barOne of our customers contacted us to design a four-point spreader bar.

During handling, the load did not stay horizontal when lifted, as shown in the picture on the right.

So our design team created a specifically-tailored spreader bar: “We needed to offset the lifting point of the hook with respect to that of the load, whilst keeping the bar balanced when empty.

To achieve this, we used an intermediate spacer, which ensures balanced lifting. This solution was delivered quickly, and at a minimal cost to the customer“, explains Roland Klenes, technical draftsman.

STAS-LIFTEUROP offers a high-quality, customized service to all its customers, and this spreader bar is a prime example. With over 60 years of expertise, STAS-LIFTEUROP delivers top-quality lifting accessories that ensure the safety of people and goods.