Custom design: an offset spreader bar

All of STAS-LIFTEUROP’s lifting devices are researched and developed by our design team, who provide bespoke lifting solutions that respond to our customers’ specific needs.

Custom design: an offset spreader barOne of our customers contacted us to design a four-point spreader bar.

During handling, the load did not stay horizontal when lifted, as shown in the picture on the right.

So our design team created a specifically-tailored spreader bar: “We needed to offset the lifting point of the hook with respect to that of the load, whilst keeping the bar balanced when empty.

To achieve this, we used an intermediate spacer, which ensures balanced lifting. This solution was delivered quickly, and at a minimal cost to the customer“, explains Roland Klenes, technical draftsman.

STAS-LIFTEUROP offers a high-quality, customized service to all its customers, and this spreader bar is a prime example. With over 60 years of expertise, STAS-LIFTEUROP delivers top-quality lifting accessories that ensure the safety of people and goods.