A success for the first edition of the ALIPA Lifting Day

The ALIPA Group’s Lifting Division organised the first edition of the ALIPA Lifting Day. Intended exclusively for its customers, the purpose of this day of training is to introduce the regulatory requirements that apply to lifting and securing loads. The first edition was very successful in achieving the maximum number of participants!

The use of lifting devices and accessories is governed by specific regulations involving equipment choices, checks, conditions of use, and maintenance as well as staff training.

Une réussite pour la première édition du ALIPA Lifting Day

CODIPRO and LIFTEUROP are experts in the lifting industry. These companies wanted to share their knowledge: “When using lifting accessories, standards need to be met. Whether it is the operator, the safety advisor or the sales representative, it is important for each person in the company knows the rules in force relating to lifting. Raising awareness of how to properly use lifting accessories means getting involved in improving safety in the various industries!” says Christophe Losange, Lifting Department Manager.

Luxcontrol’s involvement and practical exercise

The day started with a presentation by Technical Manager Gaëtan Lambert on the regulatory requirements pertaining to lifting. Participants then (re)learned about the lifting solutions provided by CODIPRO and LIFTEUROP with Technical Representative Ferry Plattes. After touring the workshops and enjoying a well-deserved lunch, Luxcontrol explained the legal requirements in place when it comes to workplace safety in the industrial sector.

Une réussite pour la première édition du ALIPA Lifting Day

The afternoon concluded with a practical exercise! A truck and loads were provided to the participants so that they could practice securing the loads.

Satisfied participants

After this activity-filled day, participants received a diploma and a small gift. Philippe Schwindling, Safety Coordinator at Contern SA was pleased with how things went on this day: “It went really well. We were able to address various issues through several workshops. A day like this one, also provides an opportunity to discuss the best lifting and securing practices with the other companies in attendance.