A design department committed to customer service

Recently restructured, the design department now works for the ALIPA Group’s entire Lifting Division. It includes three other individuals working under the leadership of Gaëtan Lambert: Michaël Magerotte, Roland Klenes and our new engineer, Thomas Beco.

Un bureau d’études au service du client

 The design department addresses specific technical requests of our customers. It also develops new products and ensures they meet the standards and regulations in force. Whether we are dealing with lifting beams or specific slinging devices, handling projects go through the design department.

Their tasks range far and wide: they review specifications, perform modelling (constraint analysis, digital simulation, etc.), conduct physical tests at the workshop and on a sub-contract basis (tensile test load, break load, etc.) and finalise approval.

Gaetan Lambert: Technical Manager LIFTEUROP

Gaetan Lambert, Technical Manager

« I train the design department team. I am in charge of managing customer projects and Innovation projects as part of product development. I also share my expertise with the technical standardisation committee and I represent the ALIPA Group and CISMA. »

Thomas Beco, Ingénieur bureau d’études - LIFTEUROP

Thomas Beco, Engineer – Lifting Department

« I respond to the technical and specific requests of customers. There is also extracurricular work involved in understanding all of the standards and mastering everything in order to provide the best solution for the customer. »

Roland Klenes: Technical Designer LIFTEUROP

Roland Klenes, Technical Designer

« I take part in the development and creation of specific lifting systems (design, pre-sizing and plan layout). I also conduct 3D animation when working on technical solutions. »

Michael Magerotte - Products Responsible LIFTEUROP

Michaël Magerotte, Products Responsible

« I offer technical solutions based on the customer’s request. I independently process files governed by a certification process. »